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09/09/2013: Revamped main blog
07/27/2013: Released "The Clones" theme
07/25/2013: Re-released Pretty Little Hiatus
07/25/2013: Released base code
07/24/2013: Blog was created


Hi there! My name is Emily and this is my theme blog. I'm 19 years old (born April 1st) and coding has become a bit of a hobby of mine. I'm majoring in computer science with hopes of making a career of doing...well...this!
I have two kinds of theme requests and you can find the information below. Since coding takes large amounts of time and I'm treating this like it's my job (because I don't have one), I've added a donate button down at the bottom if you ever wish to donate even just a dollar. Thank you for checking out my themes!



A custom theme isn't free and is my equivalent of a theme makeover. It comes with a theme available to you only and custom graphics/psds if needed. Prices vary and the information can be found below. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask! PRICING INFORMATION



[LP] - [PB]

  • Image and description
  • Home and message links
  • Sections for further information
  • Section for your best friends/favorite blogs
  • jQuery accordion for any other information you wish to add
  • Below the cut are screenshots of where to edit colors of the accordion
  • Thanks to HTML-AND-ETC for help on the favorites section!
  • Do not remove credit
  • Do not edit and redistribute
  • Do not claim as your own
  • Any questions, just message me!

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