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09/09/2013: Revamped main blog
07/27/2013: Released "The Clones" theme
07/25/2013: Re-released Pretty Little Hiatus
07/25/2013: Released base code
07/24/2013: Blog was created


Hi there! My name is Emily and this is my theme blog. I'm 19 years old (born April 1st) and coding has become a bit of a hobby of mine. I'm majoring in computer science with hopes of making a career of doing...well...this!
I have two kinds of theme requests and you can find the information below. Since coding takes large amounts of time and I'm treating this like it's my job (because I don't have one), I've added a donate button down at the bottom if you ever wish to donate even just a dollar. Thank you for checking out my themes!



A custom theme isn't free and is my equivalent of a theme makeover. It comes with a theme available to you only and custom graphics/psds if needed. Prices vary and the information can be found below. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask! PRICING INFORMATION


Anonymous asked: Hello good day, Uhm I think your ACCORDINAV theme have some kind of problem, when i clicked the preview the theme looks a mess.

It looks fine for me. What browser are you viewing it in?

Anonymous asked: Is there a place you know of to go and learn coding for themes?

I highly suggest looking at base codes and starting out with those. Here are some base codes for you. Then, below are some websites that will help you expand your coding knowledge:

The lovely maker of LMthemes has guides on making themes and you can find those volumes here.

And if you want to play around with javascript to make sure something works before you put it in the code, I suggest JSfiddle.

Anonymous asked: Hey I was wondering before I commission you, how many links are you willing to do? And that includes and accordion like you have on this blog here.

As many as you need!

Anonymous asked: Your themes are stunning and practical! I just felt obligated to let you know that! Keep up the good work<3

Thank you love!!<3

Anonymous asked: HI! I really like your themes... :))

Thank you so much!

The code for “Your Biggest Fan” has been updated. I apologize for having slowed down on here. Some personal matters came up and I had to deal with them along with school. I’ll be trying to get new themes out for you guys as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support and patience.


Anonymous asked: How do you change the nav bar color in the "Your Biggest Fan" theme?

I need to update the code again first because things run off of the regular navbar, but when you uncheck the inverse navbar and select navbar, there’s color swatches that let you change it.

Anonymous asked: Hi! I just noticed your "Timey Wimey" theme isn't working (the TARDIS image appears to be broken) I just wanted to let you know! :33

Thank you for letting me know! I’ll fix it.

Anonymous asked: Hey sweetheart! I have a coding question but I know that you're busy and such. Do you have time to perhaps answer my question? If not that's totally okay!

Ask away, dear!

Anonymous asked: hey!! im using your "Your biggest Fan" theme. and omg. i love it. it works so flawlessly. thanks so muchh!! but i wanted to ask you, i dont have a chat box... so is there anyway i can delete that title part out of the blog? <333 loving your account. its amazing (:

Thank you! You’d need to go into the html and scroll down to the bottom and find the chat div and delete it.